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Why you should visit Albania?

  1. Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera is perhaps the most popular place in the country for tourists to visit. The riviera has a growing reputation as an important music location, with many international music festivals – including Turtle Fest and Soundwave Albania – having taken place here.

Nightclubs such as Folie Marine in Jale beach and Havana Beach Club near Dhermi draw young people from across Europe to the Albanian Riviera.

The seaside town of Himara is one of the riviera’s best places to visit, while Porto Palermo Beach, Llamani Beach and Filikuri Beach are some of the area’s finest sandy stretches, while Drymades Beach is one of the liveliest spots here.

2.Shala River

Often called the Thailand of Albania, Shala River is a hidden gem that is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the country. Concealed inside the Albanian Alps in the north, this destination is accessible only by boat. To reach it, follow the road to Vau i Dejës, and then take the boat to Lake Koman. Shala River is the perfect summer destination, a respite from the heat and an opportunity to be one with nature.

3.The Blue Eye, Sarande

Perhaps one of the most well-known destinations in Albania, many tourists from around the globe flock to the Blue Eye of Saranda, a spring with chilly waters and an arresting blue color that bubbles forth from a deep pool. While divers have explored fifty meters of its depths, its actual size is unclear. The water itself is a constant 10 degrees Celsius, requiring some fortitude to wade forth in its midst. But the experience is worth it. The Blue Eye spring is the initial water source of Bistricë river whose mouth is in the Ionian Sea, south of Saranda, Albania


In Apollonia, you will find a nice combination of unique monuments, archaeology, and landscape. All this scenery creates a special atmosphere that difficult to find anywhere in the Mediterranean. The ancient city of Apollonia is one of the best known and important classical cities in the country.


There seems to be a misunderstanding about safety in Albania and unfortunately, a majority of that comes from the movie ‘Taken’ and other Hollywood films.

Let’s get this straight, Albanian people are not off the set of the movie ‘Taken’.

They are extremely humble and trustworthy people so please stop associating Albanians with the sex traffickers from the movie.

There are bad people everywhere in the world, no matter which country you go to. This should not deter you from visiting Albania!

I felt a lot safer during my travels in Albania than I did in other popular European cities. As a woman travelling alone I never felt uncomfortable.

I went to an Albanian club and never once felt objectified or was groped as I have been in other European, American and New Zealand clubs.

Hitchhiking in is extremely common Albania transport method with both locals and tourists and sometimes the only way to get from A to be B if you want to get off the beaten path.

I wrote an extensive article on safety in Albania if you want to know more.

Albanians welcome you with open arms and open hearts, that’s when you know it’s a great travel destination.

Excellent food

Byrek, pita, yogurt sauce, sandwiches, olives and cheese: Albanian food is just delicious. The country has one of the best street food scenes in Europe, but if you prefer to sit at a table, do not be worried: Tirana has plenty of great restaurants, such as Padam, Mullixhiu, and Oda just to name few, that offer typical and international cuisine, as well as veggie options. We suggest you to try both street food and restaurants and then buy a larger pair of jeans, just in case!

The Albanian Alps

One of the most beautiful and yet least-visited parts of the country is the north. Almost everyone who visits Albania prefers to spend some time in the capital and then head south. But if you have extra time—and we suggest you to find it—don’t miss the chance to spend few days in the north. The mountains offer spectacular trails, breathtaking panoramas, and beautiful nature.

Cheap prices

One of the reasons why every young traveler should come to Albania is for its affordability. The country offers the chance to visit many things, spend nights in boutique hotels, and eat in excellent gourmet restaurants, while just spending few euros. Prices are half of its neighboring countries, such as Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece, so note it down on your agenda if you are planning your next summer trip.

Albania is still an unexplored country

You might have heard things about Albanian beaches and its lively capital city Tirana, but Albania is still largely unexplored by tourists. Why? The country has been isolated for almost 50 years and the infrastructures are not the best in Europe. However, things are changing and Albania is one of the brightest stars of the Mediterranean.


✅ Should I go to Albania?
Yes, absolutely! Albania is one of the most unique countries in the world and definitely one of my favourites! You will definitely fall in love if you visit Albania!

✅ Why travel to Albania?
There are so many amazing things to see and do in Albania no matter what kind of traveller you are. Albania is full of beautiful beaches, great hikes, fascinating history and so much more!

✅ Is Albania good for tourists?
Not only is Albania a great tourist destination, but Albanians are very fond of foreigners and meeting new people. Plus, there are plenty of fun touristy things to do in Albania – especially if you love the beach or history.


  • For Skanderbeg Square

The main tourist hub of Tirana is the majestic Sheshi Skanderbeg, the largest square in Albania, named after the national hero of the country. Today the square is a pedestrian space surrounded by some of the most important buildings in town, such as the National Historical Museum, Et’Hem Bey Mosque, the National Library and the city’s opera house

  • The Clock Tower of Tirana

The Clock Tower of Tirana is a historical landmark in the Albanian city which used to be the tallest building in the country. It was originally built in the 19th century, but it was destroyed during World War II. After being restored, it became an important symbol of Tirana and is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in Albania.

  • BunkArt

BunkArt2 is a museum inside a preserved, Communist-era nuclear pit bunker. It features art and historical exhibits about the oppression under the communist regime. The museum is located in downtown Tirana and is accessible by subway.

  • House of leaves

House of Leaves is a museum in Albania that tells the story of the Gestapo Headquarters and Sigurimi, Albania’s secret police during the 20th century. The museum is full of artifacts and displays relating to the crimes committed here, including torture and interrogation.

  • Nationals Art Gallery

The National Arts Gallery is a contemporary art museum in Albania displaying works by Albanian and international artists. It has a varied collection that includes paintings from the early 19th century to the present day. The ground floor part of the gallery is dedicated to temporary exhibitions of a more modern and challenging kind.

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